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Potentially Life Changing - April 25, 2014

I am one of those types of people that doesn't call someone unless I have something to say. Not necessarily the best way to be, but there it is. That seems to be true also for keeping my website up to date. I'm afraid that things will get mundane if I come on too often only to repeat the same old stuff. But today is different! I have something to pray about.

First a little history. I have been working since I was 12 years old. At that time I was a babysitter. My next job was at McDonald's. I did that through high school. Since then I worked for a bank, a grocery store, a company that distributes industrial equipment until I found my niche in the health field.

I worked just under 20 years at St. Louis Children's Hospital in their Admitting Department. It was during this tenure I had my children, thus I was a working mother. Not what my dream vision had always been, but being the wife of a Catholic educator, it was a necessity. In 1997, I switched to Saint Louis University in their Medical School. I have had a few different roles. Currently I assist some of the Vascular Surgeons with their patient's test and surgery scheduling. It's a good job, great people to work with.

The past 8 years or so have challenged my life in so many ways...mostly illnesses among my husband, my daughter, Angela and myself. It's stuff that digs deep into one's psyche and turns everything into a potential volcano. However, that is where I am so grateful for my faith! Without my firm foundation in my God, I could not endure these things.

It hasn't been easy, I can still smile and laugh and hope. I have been living in overdrive for several years now and I am prayerfully hopeful that it will ease soon. You see, my employer is offering a Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) and I am eligible for it. I am giddy with the prospects of what it would be like to have all my time to devote to my home and family. But, like so many things in life, we take two steps forward and one step back. I prayed and discerned the pros and cons of doing this and came to the conclusion that this is what I need to do. I sent a message to my bosses expressing my intent and my manager reminded me that there is still the fact that they are limiting the retirees to only 30 people. So that is where I am right now....praying, hoping, scared, excited. And all I can say is "JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU!" I now leave it in His hands and am ready to abide by whatever he brings to me.

Advent Song - November 22, 2013

I am introducing a new song I wrote that is perfect for Advent. You can hear it by using this YouTube:
Send me a message if you would like to receive a copy of the music.

Checking In - August 9, 2013

Here I am again, lagging in my posts. I think of things when I'm driving in my car and then forget about it when I'm near a computer. I suppose maybe that has something to do with being closer to 60 than 50!

We are in an exciting time in our life's journey. Our daughter, Joanne, is engaged to be married on October 12, just a couple months from now! It is so great to have this wonderful event to look forward to! I sang for a wedding a couple weeks ago in the same church where Joanne and Steve's wedding will be and it was surreal to think about that being us in that same situation! So many blessings!

On the health front, we are all doing well, keeping our heads up and trusting God in His plans for us. Hope this finds all of you doing well.

Blessings and thanksgiving!
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