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Sally Bolderson: Press

Sally Bolderson's debut CD features 12 songs of faith and hope, some written by Sally herself. A great can hear the depth of her faith as she shares herself with you with these songs.
"Sally Bolderson's humility is the secret to her music ministry. She uses her gifts to serve the Lord with a truly pure motive: to share with others the mercy and love of God that she has personally experienced in her own life. Again and again I have witnessed Sally's songs touching the hearts of both young and old. She is a devoted servant who seeks to serve Jesus Christ with all her heart, using the gift that she has received to honor God and to bless all who hear her music."
Matthew Baute (Jun 8, 2008)
Humble Beginnings is Sally Bolderson’s debut album. It presents a collection of heartfelt and personal songs, tastefully arranged, and performed with gentleness and love.

Bolderson classifies herself as a ‘senior citizen’ in the world of recorded music, although her musical roots go back to her childhood. She decided later on in her life to concentrate on contemporary music as means of spreading the Gospel after encountering Pope John Paul II in St. Louis in 1999. Recent spiritual growth unleashed a hidden talent for songwriting which she uses most effectively on Humble Beginnings to honestly share her faith and experiences.